Private Lessons Terms & Conditions

Lessons need to be paid in advance for blocks and single sessions.

Lessons can be rescheduled if 24 hours notice is given. Notice must be given via email to –

Any makeup lessons must be rescheduled before the beginning of the following school term.

There will be no makeup lesson if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation has been given and the full fee will be charged. Please remember that our coaches time is valuable.

If lessons are cancelled due to rain we will send you an SMS message, if you don’t get a message then presume the lesson is on or call us to confirm.

If a lesson is cancelled due to rain you will be entitled to a makeup lesson.

If at any time your usual coach is unavailable, a suitable substitute coach will replace them.

During the course of our Tennis programs some photos may be taken and they may be used on our website or on printed material.

Should you not wish for your child to be a part of this please put this request in writing and email it to –